The word elegance has always fascinated me. Ever since I had a view of a Palladian villa from the window of my workshop; an example of beauty, harmony and balanced form that continues to be the essence of my work. It was right there I started producing sofas, making them by hand in that small workshop in the province of Vicenza, not that far from the romance of Venice. It was 1977 and I could feel the full, positive influence of that view, of this my beautiful land Veneto, in the North-East of Italy. It’s been 35 years since I started in my workshop. And now I feel ready to start making handmade sofas again. Nowadays it’s so hard to think of a craft that takes up so much time just imagining how it will turn out, imagining its shape and creating its very being. Instead I decided to start a new phase using the word that had inspired my work so much as a starting point - elegance. It’s no coincidence that my new design is called Black Tie, because it originates from my need to find and create elegance, although it also originates from my personal belief that making a sofa demands the best – the best suit – to use a metaphor which has become my trademark – from those who plan it, design it, and create it. I still believe this today - elegance has to be a way of thinking, long before it becomes an object.