The word elegance has always fascinated me. Ever since I had a view of a Palladian villa from the window of my workshop; an example of beauty, harmony and balanced form that continues to be the essence of my work. It was right there I started producing sofas, making them by hand in that small workshop in the province of Vicenza, not that far from the romance of Venice. It was 1977 and I could feel the full, positive influence of that view, of this my beautiful land Veneto, in the North-East of Italy. It’s been 35 years since I started in my workshop. And now I feel ready to start making handmade sofas again. Nowadays it’s so hard to think of a craft that takes up so much time just imagining how it will turn out, imagining its shape and creating its very being. Instead I decided to start a new phase using the word that had inspired my work so much as a starting point - elegance. It’s no coincidence that my new design is called Black Tie, because it originates from my need to find and create elegance, although it also originates from my personal belief that making a sofa demands the best – the best suit – to use a metaphor which has become my trademark – from those who plan it, design it, and create it. I still believe this today - elegance has to be a way of thinking, long before it becomes an object.
"... it takes poetry to weave together dreams and plenty of courage to make them come true. Which is what happens during every new creation: an explosive aesthetic vision and a deep knowledge of materials and techniques. It required 40 years of work, it will take still another 40 and 40 more, with a view of always giving our all.
Because horizons are not a limit."

Pier Luigi Frighetto